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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Name, Image & Likeness (NIL)? 

On July 1, 2021, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) adopted a uniform interim policy suspending NCAA name, image, and likeness rules for all incoming and current student-athletes in all sports. Under this interim policy, NCAA college athletes have the opportunity to benefit from their name, image and likeness

Does Mississippi have an NIL Law or Policy? 
The Mississippi Intercollegiate Compensation Rights Act passed by the Mississippi State House of Representatives initially went into effect on July 1, 2021, and was amended April 18, 2022. The law permits intercollegiate student-athletes enrolled at a university or college in the state to earn compensation at market value for use of their name, image, and likeness (NIL) and retain an agent or advisor relating to this compensation. A college or university, athletic conference or the NCAA cannot prevent a student-athlete from earning compensation from the use of the student-athlete's name, image, or likeness.

What is INFLCR?

In the summer of 2021, Ole Miss Athletics partnered with INFLCR to create Next Level, the Ole Miss all-encompassing platform for student-athletes and businesses. This platform allows student-athletes to create content and boost their social media following amongst many other informational materials. It also provides the initial contact phase for businesses to discuss promotional opportunities with student-athletes in an NCAA-compliant manner. INFLCR is accessed through an application (app).

What can student-athletes do to promote my business?

NIL contract activities include appearances, autograph signings, social media promotions, advertisements or endorsements and other similar events in which a business, brand, product or service is promoted.

How do I register my business for an NIL contract with a student-athlete?

Businesses are encouraged to download the INFLCR app or visit www.OleMissNextLevel.com.  Student-athletes must also report all transactions through the INFLCR app prior to beginning the NIL relationship.

I am a Business Owner or have an NIL Opportunity for an Ole Miss Student-Athlete; how do I reach them? 
Register with the Ole Miss Next Level Local Exchange.  With the new Local Exchange functionality on INFLCR, you will be able to contact the student-athlete through the message portal or post business opportunities on a virtual bulletin board.

Can a University Employee or Coach help me arrange an NIL deal for a Student-Athlete?

No, under Mississippi law, the university (employees and coaches) may only communicate and provide education to student-athletes on how to engage with a third-party interested in providing NIL opportunities.  However, using the Ole Miss Next Level Local Exchange via the INFLCR app will provide the most direct contact with the student-athlete.

I have an NIL question, who should I contact?

Any questions regarding NIL contracts may be sent to compliance@olemiss.edu.

How long does it take to have a transaction reviewed?
The goal is to approve transactions within five business days of submission to the INFLCR app. However, if the transaction requires additional research, it may take additional time.

May student-athletes have representation?

Student-athletes are permitted to retain agents or advisors for the purposes of providing counsel and assistance for NIL contracts. Student-Athletes are required to submit the name of their agent or advisor via email compliance@olemiss.edu.  Agents or advisors for student-athlete NIL contracts must be registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State and the Ole Miss Office of Compliance.

How do I know if the student-athlete I want to work with has an agent or advisor?

Each Student-Athlete completes a profile which includes the relevant information that can be used to complete a NIL transaction.

Do I negotiate directly with the student-athlete?

Student-athletes or their agents/advisors may directly negotiate NIL contracts with businesses. The University may not be involved in any form of brokering NIL-related contracts. 

May student-athletes use branded attire or material during promotional events (e.g., student-athlete filming endorsement ad while wearing Ole Miss hat)?
Per state law, student-athletes may not enter into a contract for use of their NIL that uses the licensed marks or logos of the University UNLESS the University has provided written permission in advance of signing the NIL contract.

How do I become an official licensee?
     Information on the Licensing process through CLC can be found at the following link - https://clc.com/home/get-licensed/

      CLC, the official licensing partner of Ole Miss Athletics

       Phone: 770.956.0520

       Fax: 770.955.4491

       Email: applications@clc.com

How do I compensate a student-athlete?

Student-athletes may receive compensation in the form of money, services, or goods. All compensation must be reported through the INFLCR app.

Is there a limit on what I can compensate a student-athlete for their NIL?

No, but state law requires that payment or compensation to a student-athlete for a NIL contract must be at fair market value (FMV).  

May a student-athlete receive NIL compensation based on the student-athlete’s athletic performance at Ole Miss?


May an NIL contract stipulate that a student-athlete must compete for, or attend, Ole Miss?


May I compensate a student-athlete for their NIL when the student-athlete is engaged in official team activities?

No. If a student-athlete is participating in a competition, fan event, or other activity sponsored or organized by Ole Miss Athletics, the student-athlete may not be compensated for their autograph, photo, or other service.

When do I compensate a student-athlete after a NIL contract has been signed?

The compensation time-frame to a student-athlete for the use of their NIL is determined by the two parties to the NIL contract. All NIL contracts must be disclosed to the University before the contract is signed and before any compensation is provided.

What kinds of promotions are prohibited?

Student-athletes may not enter a NIL contract to receive compensation for the advertisement, endorsement, or promotion of the following:

  • Gambling
  • Sports Betting
  • Controlled Substances
  • Marijuana, Tobacco, or Alcohol
  • Alternative or Electronic nicotine product or delivery system
  • Performance Enhancing Supplements
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Any Product Inconsistent with Values & Mission of the University or Reflects Adversely on the University or Athletics.

Can the University restrict or deny an NIL activity?

The University can refuse authorization for NIL contracts that conflict with state law, University policy, or a University contract, as well as refuse the use of University marks or logos in NIL activities.

May international student-athletes utilize NIL?

International student-athletes should NOT enter into any NIL agreements without the guidance from the University of Mississippi Office of Global Engagement to discuss and prevent any complications with student visa/immigration issues.

Who do I contact for compliance questions?

    Ole Miss Athletics Compliance


     (662) 915-1594